A New Nest

Scoots McHoots was right ticked off!  I mean, he was really hopping mad!  Earlier this morning, after getting home from a very late night at 'The Old Oak Tree Pub' with his owl buddies, he had hear loud chopping.  Chop, chop, chop pounded in his fuzzy, confused head!  Then his tree began to shake and creak.  Scoots chalked it up as the after effects of over-doing it last night.  He had just been thinking that he really should start cutting down on his fermented mouse juice intake, when suddenly, his ruddy tree had fallen over!  His blinkin' tree, that had been passed down for generations!  With his nut crackin' nest in it!

Clambering out of the leafy destruction of his now horizontal home, Scoots tried to clear the cobwebs from his head.  He then began to search the forest for the dastardly villain who had destroyed his life.  And oh, did he find it, and none to soon!  Right there in a pile of sawdust and wood chips stood the great destroyer!  Right then and there, Scoots McHoots decided that forest justice would be served: the culprit's orange noggin would become his new home!  'Now let's see him chop my bloody nest down now,' he hooted!