The Well Spirit

Kiko needed water desperately.  Her mother had sent her to the spirit well to beg the creature for her cool, clean, healing water.  Kiko's baby sister, Anyo, was very sick and their mother could not leave her side, so big sister was sent in her place.  With great trepidation, she inched closer to the ancient shrine and called the spirit's name: "Hyosube!"


Taking a step closer, her slippered feet sunk into the thick, mossy floor around the deathly silent well.  Kiko called again, but in a louder, shakier voice: "Hyosube!  I plead for your help . . . my baby sister is sick and in need of your healing water.  I will give you whatever you demand in return for her life!"

Straining her ears, Kiko cautiously leaned towards the shadowy opening of the well.  A steady dripping sound could be heard deep down in the inky bottom.  Squelching noises soon began to rise from within.  At first they were very faint, but soon she could detect the sounds of many tiny suction cups attaching and releasing, attaching and releasing.

The spirit was rising . . . Kiko hoped that it wouldn't demand something that she couldn't pay. 

The Spirit in the well