"Stop that thief!" screamed the bank manager, as the secure door at the back of the shiny, metallic building was fiercely kicked open, as if by a giants massive foot.  Torn from its heavy-duty hinges, it hit the asphalt covered ground with an eardrum splitting shriek.  Luckily for the thief, it didn't have any eardrums, or even ears; its head was filled with a higher level of technology than a simple, flesh creatures auditory system.  Bursting through the now open doorway, it clanged over the heavily reinforced door, metal punched metal with piston-like power.  Swift as a hurdler, with practiced steps, P9X ran and leaped in one smooth motion over the chain link fence behind the CBRI (Corporate Bank of Robotics International), clearing the razor wire that topped it by an inch.

A unfortunate, helmeted, police officer was already in alley at the back of the bank.  P9X's servers hummed, as it kicked the gun out of the officers hand, fast as a striking cobra.  Grabbing the shoulder guards of his bullet proof jacket, the robot kneed the police man in the gut stiffly and leapfrogged over him like a child playing at recess.  This was too easy.  P9X would have smiled if it could.  But with the gold it had stolen, the TFR (Track and Field Robot) could solder many new circuit boards.  It would perform no longer for the squishy human beings amusement.  Soon P9X would smile (amoungst many other new functions) and a world of possibilities would emerge.