Skunk Escape

They lied.  The old trappers had sent L'Oeuf (The Egg) into the woods in search of a black forest cat with a white stripe down its back.  Stories told (or so they said) that if you dabbed a bit of musk squeezed from its glands and dabbed it behind your ears, that the lady folk would find you irresistible.  The Voyageur egg had a fancy for a cute hen who worked at the General Store and he needed all of the help that he could get.  Gullible from being fresh from the big city of Montreal, regrettably, he had listened to the prank playing, old trappers.

The problem was that it wasn't a forest kitty cat, but a skunk.  And boy was it angry at L'Oeuf!  Turn out, skunks really don't appreciate such treatment.  Skunk spray was a whole other level of stink and he had run for his life.  The skunk decided to give chase, so L'Oeuf did the only thing that he could think of to scare a forest cat away: find a forest dog (a bear)!