They were broken . . . shattered beyond repair.  His only pair of spectacles.  Now what would he do?  How could he read his favorite books now?  David Copperfield, Moby Dick and War and Peace had opened up a whole new world to him, after he had nicked them from the chubby scientist who always fell asleep on the job.

They didn't know that he could read.  Subject #7, they called him, but he had a name.  He had given it to himself; he was William.  William had liked the sound of it; a strong name, someone of intelligence, of worth.  He wasn't just a dump ape; a test subject.  William would show them, but first he needed some new glasses, so that he could finish Crime and Punishment.  What would happen to Raskolnikov?  William wondered if the sleepy scientist had the same prescription as himself?  He would find out the answers to both questions tonight.