Lt. Graxx

Lt. Graxx hated this planet already.  It had taken 8.2 seconds.  That's how long it took for the first space skeeter to start pounding its proboscis against his space helmet.  Then, it's buddies showed up; scores of them.  This planet, Horizon 9, was teeming with them.  They were the only intelligent life on the planet now, because any creature with any common sense and the ability for space travel had left already.

The buzzing wasn't just annoying.  It actually caused vibrations in his suit, causing the sensors to go haywire.  The sounds of the tiny creatures in incessantly pecking at his helmet made him feel a little crazy, Lt. Graxx wasn't going to lie.  Plus, they were ugly little fellows, with their bulgy eyes, fat, grub-like bodies and long, pointed noses.  Oh well, the Lieutenant grimaced, it could always be worse . . . he could be on a planet teeming with butterflies!