Minotaur's were greatly misunderstood creatures.  The average, illiterate, country bumpkin would tell you that they were fierce creatures with the head of a bull and the body of a man.  Most likely, they would also tell you that they ate the flesh of humans and lived in mazes, protecting for wizards.

First off, mazes?  Who lived in a maze; seriously, where would you even find a maze if you wanted to purchase one?  The average Minotaur was a practical creatures and preferred caves, as they were hairy creatures and caves were cool.  And working for wizards?  Minotaur's were more of an owner/operator type of mythological creature (besides, didn't they supposedly eat humans, and if they did, why would they work for one?).  So the next statement is definitely wrong, bulls didn't eat humans and neither did Minotaur's.  They preferred grass, or hay if they could get it.  Sorry to burst any bubbles, but Minotaur's were actually kind, considerate, gentle souls, who loved children and animals, especially baby bunnies.  Well the last statement is a lie, but nobody perfect, not even Minotaur's!