There were mysterious lights dancing in the woods tonight.  They awoke me from my bed in the middle of the night, as the reflection of the light danced on my bedroom window.  At first I thought that it was the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, but these lights were very different.  They moved gracefully at the edge of the thick woods at the back of my house.  Donning my housecoat and slipping on my shoes, I stumbled over the cat in my haste to get out of the house.

With the cat meowing at the door behind me, I stepped into the wooded area that began at the back of my old house, as the unusual lights danced deeper into the forest.  Hurrying my pace to catch up, I soon discovered a hooded figure with a strange, Japanese lantern.  I called to it, but the figure quickened its pace, as I ran to catch up, fighting my way through the thick foliage, as dead branches snapped beneath my feet.

The figure stopped as I entered a clearing with an enormous, thick tree.  It turned towards me, it's inky, dark eyes the only thing that I could see from within its deep hood, which was filled with white, blinding light.  The figure pointed a thin, glowing hand at a door-like hole within the monstrous tree.   Shimmering with white light, the glow spilled from the entrance to the tree and squinting, I detected several more sets of dark eyes within.  The dark robed, glowing figure stepped into the light of the tree . . . and I followed.