Scarecrow Witch

Aurora was a scarecrow.  She spent her days in the fields, guarding the crops from the winged thieves that would steal the harvest from her hardworking farming family.  But she wasn't a regular, run of the mill sort of scarecrow that you might find in any old field.  There was something about her.  She was graceful and full of life.

One day a very dapper crow landed beside her on the wooden stand that held her up.  "Shoo! she said.  "Go away!  You musn't steal from my family, or they will go hungry!"

The elegantly dressed crow merely tipped his top hat, and winked at her with a monocled eye.  "I have an offer for you, my graceful, young scarecrow: if you let my brother crows eat their fill at harvest time, they will keep the birds away from the seeds during planting time."

"Hmm, but then my family wouldn't need me anymore!" said Aurora sadly.

"My good lady, you are much too good for this type of work," he chuckled.  "I know a rather dashing, young scarecrow in the field down the hill with the very same predicament.  He is currently unemployed as well, perhaps you two should meet. . ."