Pirate Hangover

"Filthy Tom" Skoggins was late.  His ship was to set to weigh anchor with the tides.  Luckily for him, they couldn't leave without him, as he was the Captain!  The night before he had made an appointment with a barrel of grog and he never kept his dates waiting.  Now covered in last nights sour grog, he stumbled onward, as his saw-fish peg leg clicked along, beating a staccato beat to his ship.

He knew that they called him "Filthy Tom" behind his back.  The Captain actually liked it, why did they think that he kept a dead fish in one pocket and a slippery eel in the other?  What they didn't know was why.  It was to cover up the smell of the salty, old sea dogs of his crew.  Tom couldn't stand the musty smell of wet dog fur and regrettably, most of his crew were dogs.  He'd rather smell of rotting fish and sour grog than a wet hound dog any day!