Look into my Eyes

Gerhardt Dracovich was a dragon tamer.  If you had a trouble-making, giant lizard rampaging in your territory, eating your cows, tearing apart your knights and burning down your grain silos, then he was the one to call.  Although it might cost you a bag of gold or three, or perhaps your first born child.  Unfortunately, when dealing with dragon kind, there were not too many options.

The secret to Gerhardt's power was hypnotism.  He would merely look deep into the serpentine eyes of the dragon and he could see into their souls.  One mesmerizing gaze was all that it took to sap the monstrous creature's will.  Surprisingly, most simple villagers were so impressed with his skill that they never noticed that it was always the same powerful wyrm and that it seemed to come back on a semi-annual basis.  It was also a bit odd that they always seemed to fly away together after the kerfuffle had died down and everyone gone home.  Rumors told that a lonely shepard boy had once seen them having afternoon tea together on a deserted hilltop, but was that even possible?  Very strange, wasn't it?