Inktober 2017 day 22-trail

Broomhilde, or Hildie for short, had followed the trail of candies deep into the woods.  She knew that she shouldn't, but Hildie couldn't help herself; she had a sweet tooth.  Besides, who would mess with a witch, even if she was just a kid?  Hildie knew how to turn someone into a frog, brew poison from a toadstool and even how to curse a cheating lover; so if someone was going to play a trick, they better not cross paths with her!

The candy trail wound its way deep into the dark, twisted, dead woods, past the putrid swamp and ended abruptly near a spooky, inky-black cave that was covered in icky cobwebs.  In front of the caves yawning entrance flickered the light from a tiny candle, set into the top of a lovely, vanilla frosted cake.  The enveloping darkness seemed to be struggling to snuff it out.  There was something about a birthday cake candle that Hilde couldn't resist wanting to blow out.  She took a single step forward, toward the delicious cake.  Something moved in the cave, ever so gently. 

Hildie smiled.  She hoped that it was a spider.  She liked spiders.