Inktober 2017 day 24-blind

The boxing ring was set up, the ropes had been tightened and were ready to go.  Everyone were in their seats and the excitement was palpable; the stadium was packed and raucous.  The boxers hands had been taped up tightly, new shiny gloves were on and they were in their corners, ready to charge at each other, leather flying.  Music pumped through the stadiums speakers, hyping up both the crowd and the combatants.  Everyone was ready for a little, mole on mole violence.

Mole boxing matches were a little different than the usual, stereotypical variety, as the fighters were mostly blind.  The lights were turned off (they had sensitive eyes) and their tails were tied together (they tended to get lost and couldn't find each other).  Punches were thrown furiously in the dark and whoever actually hit their opponent won.  Most matches were scoreless draws, but nobody could see anything anyway, as the spectators were all moles too!