Inktober 2017 day 30-found:

They had found it: intelligent life.  The Astronauts from Earth had been scouring the Milky Way for decades.  Almost every planet that could support life had been searched.  Then, Commander McKray had made a pitstop on a random moon orbiting Proxima Centauri b, to empty the ships full-to-capacity lavatory.

Commander McKray's ILD (Intelligent Life Detector) had gone haywire almost immediately, after setting down on the barren moon.  Following the marker trail, figuring it for a malfunction, he was shocked to see flashing lights ahead.  Bouncing in the low gravity in his haste to find the source of the light, he suddenly stopped in mid leap.  McKray was shocked to find an alien life form.  Unfortunetly, it was busy taking selfies with its phone, so the astronaut took out his own phone and posted a picture to Instagram while he waited.  It turns out that so called 'intelligent life' is all the same!