Inktober 2017 day 31-mask:

Chief Munkiki was bored.  He was tired of the sunrises, the luau's, the heat, the bananas.  It was days like this, that his chieftains mask weighed heavy on him.  Managing a tropical island tribe could be monotonous.

Mighty Munkiki needed a change.  His Witch Doctor had told him about another land across the vast ocean where it was cold, and the rain fell as white flakes, like dried coconut.  Where people put bamboo sticks on their feet and slid down the hills for fun.  He had foreseen that they also wore sharp knives on their feet and skated on water that was as hard as obsidian.  

After the luau tonight, the Chief was going to sneak away in the night and paddle to the new. cold land.  His cousin, Pulu, always wanted to be Chief.  He would soon know what it felt like to walk a mile in someone else's mask!