The Crush

L'Oeuf (the Egg) was in love again.  Not with his canoe, Marie, as they were currently on 'the outs' (there was a bit of a lovers spat after an unfortunate accident in a patch of rapids in the Fraser river, and some harsh words had been spoken; Marie was no longer talking to him).  For a long time, the Voyageur egg had been miserable, while Marie had been indisposed for repairs.  But love had struck again deep in his French Canadien heart . . . and it was the beautiful hen that worked at the local general store.

Unfortunately, L'Oeuf was very shy.  He was good at sweet talking his canoe, Marie, but not so much with living, breathing creatures.  Oh, but the hen was so tall, strikingly beautiful and her name was very exotic, it rolled off of ones tongue, as it was spoken aloud in the quiet forest trails, whilst practicing expressions of love: Henrietta!  After brushing his coon skin hat, L'Oeuf bathed for the first time in seven years (he even used soap!) and after that, waxed his mustache with bear fat until it gleamed.  Screwing up his courage, he marched over to her store to ask her out for dinner . . . he hoped that she liked birdseed!