Snorkelling Seagull

Jasper was on vacation in Mexico.  He had saved up his clams all year long to escape the cold, dreary winter for a week in beautiful, sunny Cabo San Lucas.  Stuffing his winter coat, scarf, snow boots, mittens, snow pants and toque into his nearly exploding suitcase, he sat on top of it to lock it and then pulled on his swim shorts.  Running to the beach as fast as he could, Jasper planned on wearing his shorts and nothing else (well, maybe some suntan lotion) during his week of fun in the sun. 

Jasper's travel agent had told him that the snorkeling was amazing at his resort and he couldn't wait to try it out.  Back home in Canada, he had purchased a snorkeling kit at Sellco that had everything that he would need.  Waddling into the refreshingly cool ocean with his clumsy flippers, he adjusted his snorkel, held his breath and prepared to jump in.  He hoped to find lots of fish, especially the tasty battered ones that they sold at Sellco in the frozen food section.  Those were his favorite!