Lady bug hustle

Jean was late.  She was supposed to meet the other gals for their weekly bingo night down at the old Legion hall.  After their regularly scheduled 'excitement' for the week, they always went down to the Beanery in the railroad station for a big slice of fresh pie.  She hoped that they wouldn't run out of her favorite: lemon meringue-aphid pie!  That mean, old, Mrs Fuzzynut's would eat two slices of it, just to spite her.  Jean crossed several of her legs and wished that her nasty neighbors Bingo dabbers would run dry tonight!

Even though she was late, it was worth it, as she had been having a chat with her lovely, gentleman neighbor, Mr. Buzzby.  He was a real looker too!  That mustache!  Those dark eyes!  Plus he was a real snappy dresser!  Maybe she would share some of her pie with him tonight?   'I better get my rear in gear,' Jean said out loud, 'or that slice of pie will never happen!' as she bustled down the path.