Mars or Bust!

Bessie liked to eat hay.  I mean, she really, liked to eat hay!  She felt that it was kind of her 'thing.'  If she could, she would probably eat all day long, and most days that's exactly what she did!  Sleeping was fun for a change too, but she preferred eating, hands (er, hooves) down. 

Well, one quiet summer day, Bessie was rudely interrupted during her endless buffet lunch, when a giant, metal, flying cow patty landed in her peaceful field.  A barn door silently slid open, a ramp dropped down and a very strange, rather obnoxious creature clanged out of the ship.  It definitely wasn't Farmer McKracken!  The odd creature kept pointing at a shiny metal thing that it was holding, that clearly wasn't hay.  It kept yammering about "Mars this, Mars that!" 

Bessie pooped on its shiny shoes and went back for some more hay.