One tough Varmint!

'Four Arm's' McGraw was not someone to be trifled with!  More than a handful of hardened villains had taken a dirt nap after drawing revolvers on McGraw.  In the dusty, backwater town of New Ratchet city, locals knew not to mess with the proprietor of the White Horse Saloon.  He lived above the bullet ridden, dilapidated, wooden structure, in a spartan, one bedroom apartment, but he did his business at the poker table downstairs.  Untold card hustlers had lost more than than a hand of poker after trying to cheat 'old Four Arm's' out of his hard fought winnings.

It had been many a moon since anyone foolish enough to challenge McGraw had come to town.  But a storm was 'a coming; windows were shuttered, mechanical horses were stabled and the dust blown streets were empty.  The jingle-jangle of spurs cut through the background noise of the roaring wind and the occasional crack of thunder, as the doors to the old watering hole slowly creaked open.  A small shadow stretched across the filthy, peanut shell covered floor, as a lone, ornery armadillo entered and the swinging doors slapped shut behind him.  Legends tell, that even his own mother didn't know his name, he was only known as: 'One Tough Varmint.'