Kat and Maus were inseperable.  In countless battles over the years, Kat had lost a fair amount of useful body parts to complete their missions, but limbs could be easily replaced with cybernetic enhancements.  Her tailgunner, Maus, on the other hand, was irreplaceable.  He had covered her '6' in pitched firefights all around the world and gotten them out of more than a handful of dire situations.  

Ever since they met in Doctor Deathmustache's animal experiment laboratory, they had been inseparable.  Biding their time in their cold, metal cages they had plotted together.  Then one fateful day, the unusual partners seized their opportunity and escaped together after a carefully laid plan.   Now they were teamed up together to enact revenge on their former tormentor; Dr. Deathmustache would pay for his crimes against animal kind!  This missile silo was not the first, nor the last of his lairs that they would destroy.  One day in the not so distant future, they would capture his bony hide and nail his evil mustachio to the wall!