Anubis was ready.

Anubis was ready.  Everything had been planned meticulously and every situation had been anticipated.  His minions were trained and ready, after months of bone-wearying drilling in the broiling Egyptian sun.  Stockpiles of supplies had been ordered and organized.  Nothing more could be done but to signal the start of a new era, with the mighty Anubis at its forefront.

The Egyptian god of the afterlife laughed manically.  Finally, the day had arrived: 'Anubis' Ice-Cold Popsicle Stand' was open for business!  Soon he would be rich!  Countless Franchises would be sold to foolish mortals all around the world!  He would soon dominate the Popsicle market globally!  Kings and Queens worldwide would bow to him on a hot summers day, grovelling on bended knee for one of his ice-cold confections!  

Now if only he could find an outlet to plug his freezers into!  Stupid pyramids!  Who designed these things anyway?  They never put the electrical outlets where you needed them!  Oh well, Anubis didn't need electricity!  He was a god, wasn't he?!