A Bump in the Night

Max heard a bump; a bump in the night!  This wasn't your regular old, Peaches the cat knocked over your lunchbox sound.  It wasn't the furnace burping.  It definitely wasn't his Dad farting in his sleep.  This was something different.  Max had heard a lot of bumps in the night before, but this was one that needed to be investigated! 

Grabbing his trusty bat-flashlight, Max pulled on his bat-hood, slipped into his warm, fuzzy slippers (Max hated cold feet!) and slowly creaked opened his bedroom door.  Creeping down the hallway, he clicked on his bat-flashlight and swept it back and forth, slowly searching for the intruder.  Padding past his little brothers room and his parents room that was full of snores, he turned the blind corner of the hall.  Suddenly the white glow of his beam of light froze.  He saw something!  Something big!  Something fuzzy!  Something that had four, long, floppy ears, several sets of eyes and two, big noses!  Max sighed,  It was just the hallway bunnies again . . . Rats!  Maybe next time he would catch the monster!  It was only a matter of time.