The Adventures of Flash Chicken

Flash Chicken was a hero.  He wasn't a regular, ordinary, run of the mill hero though; Flash was a football star and during the off season he was a Space Hero!  Traveling the vast, starry galaxy on his shiny, waffle space ship, he fought evil kind, did good deeds and drank tonnes of Ovaltine.  With his trusty laser gun and his tight pants, nothing could stop Flash!

Flying to the to the dreaded planet Bongo, Flash Chicken was going to save the world . . . again.  Mink the Merciless was up to no good (surprise, surprise!), plotting evil deeds, and Flash hated mercilessness just as much as he hated Communism.  Setting his laser gun to 'Zap mode,' he flexed his pecs and adjusted his skin tight pants.  Sometimes tights weren't that practical to fight evil in.  'Maybe I should switch to a kilt?" he thought, "that would look cool.  Plus the Hawk Ladies on planet Bongo would dig it!"