Pipsqueak's Treat

Candy canes were Pipsqueaks favorite!  They were so colourful and bright.  He loved the cool, minty taste and the smooth, glistening shininess of them.  But his favorite part was the shattering sound that they made when he crunched them up with his tiny beak.  Candy canes were the perfect food.  Plus, you could hang them on a branch to eat later!  Mother Nature was a genius! 

Unfortunately they only seemed to appear at a certain time each year.  The rest of the season, poor Pipsqueak had to suffer through mouse after mouse after mouse.  He would often daydream of flying from tree to tree collecting the amazing hooked treats until his tiny clawed feet could hold no more.  Luckily it was nearly candy cane season again.  But it was too bad that his buddy, Fast Eddie, liked them too . . .