Robot Love

Compute: what is love ?

Unit K could feel it in his motherboard.  It was a hum in his transistors; unusual static on his video receptors.  At first Unit K thought that it was a coincidence, or possibly feedback.  After careful testing and cross reference of possible hypothesis, the only feasible result was that the unusual interference only happened whenever Unit A was nearby.

When Unit K recharged his batteries late at night, he would often dream.  It was always about her.  The dreams were always in colour and vibrant and whenever he awoke, his energy gauge glowed warmly.

After much computation and testing, the conclusion was crystal clear . . . they would marry and have little Units of their own, named from 'A' to 'Z.'  Unit K had already constructed the shiny mineral and had attached it to the metallic ring of gold.  It's circumference in relation to her middle digit had already been calculated to within a millimeter.

The only variable left to compute was . . . would she say yes?