Canada 150

Constable Robert Lee Beaverton stood on guard for Canada.   He had joined 'The Force' as a young beaver along with his twin brother, Richard.  They had left their small town in rural Alberta to see what our great country could offer and what they could offer her.  The two brothers had been separated, and sent far away from their home towns, to small Northern communities and big, bustling cities.  They learn how to deal with unruly villagers who had had one too many 'pops,' attended accident sites in the middle of frigid, winter nights, found missing property, stood half frozen at countless road checks to make sure that people made it home safely, broke up fights and marched in the parades.  'To serve and protect' is their motto.

Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee!  Those words always remind me of the people that protect our country, the firefighters, the soldiers, and the police; the brave, selfless and heroic people that hold this great country together.  Happy 150th birthday Canada!  Here's to 150 more!