Construction Owl

MacHoot was on duty.  His 'better than eagle eyes' were peeled.  Swiveling around three hundred and sixty degrees, his head scanned the entire work site for danger.  His supernatural  hearing was on point, listening intently for any scream of help, or for any sudden sound of danger.   If anything was out of place: a two by four with a rusty nail sticking out of it in a walking area, a frayed line on a crane, or horseplay near the cement truck by the Grizzly brothers, he was ready to sound the alarm.

It wasn't easy being the Safety Officer on a construction site full of forest animals.  The bears were always wrestling, the raccoons were constantly climbing things that there weren't supposed to, not to mention washing their lunches in unhygienic puddles and the pigeons; don't even get me started!  MacHoot kept a watchful eye out to protect his 'peeps.'  There had been three hundred consecutive days without an injury, except for that silly pigeon that had stuck his beak in an electrical outlet, but MacHoot had solved that predicament, and now ever pigeon on the site had a cork stuck on their beak.  Everyone would go home safe on his watch, or else!